Woman's Empowerment Group


Woman's Empowerment Group

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Are you tired of looking at that pile of diet + self-help books and feeling like the only comfort in life is a pint of ice cream during the middle of the night? 

I KNOW what it feels like to struggle with food and how it affects your health. Before I discovered the healing powers of food and self-empowerment, I battled with a life-threatening eating disorder and severe damage from undiagnosed Celiac Disease. 

Join me and an intimate group of women on a 6-month journey to help you achieve empowerment around your food choices. 

Imagine what would open up in your life if you could feel confident about the foods you put into your body and never worry about dieting again. 

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    This Program is For Woman Who

    • Battle emotional eating
    • Struggle with body image
    • Desire to feel daily fulfillment 
    • Struggle with weight and self esteem
    • Want to connect to their personal power
    • Are ready to be happy, healthy, and free 
    • Feel like there is never time for their personal needs
    • Want to create the loving relationship with themselves that everyone desires 


    • You will gain tools to tap into your unconditional self-love
    • You will learn how to lose weight without dieting
    • Uncover the real blocks that are holding you back from having the health you want
    • You will have a new relationship with food and see it as nourishment medicine
    • You will feel GOOD in your body no matter where you are at
    • You will overcome your struggle with body issues
    • You will look in the mirror and feel sensual and in touch with your desires
    • You will experience what it’s like to live life freely without the burden of dieting
    • You will feel empowered and wake up excited and happy, not dreading the day


    Through the powers of the mindful eating practice I have developed, I overcame a life debilitating eating disorder that used to control me each and every day. I have overcome body dysmorphia, bulimia, healed my gut from years of undiagnosed Celiac Disease and even self-healed from Cervical cancer. If you want to know why this program works, aside from the numerous clients whose lives I have changed, let me be the proof. I am happy to offer you a free 30-minute consultation to see if my group coaching program is for you, simply email me at Jaquy@Jaquy.comI work with people who are ready to transform their lives, the work I do is extremely powerful and it is my mission to change the way you see food so you can find freedom in your life and rid yourself of the daily stress that usually comes with staying healthy.

    Transformative Group Coaching

    I want to invite you to join me on a 6-month journey of powerful commitment + personal transformation. This is a chance to join others for an intimate gathering of women on a 6-month adventure so that you can tap into your personal LOVE-SPRING of knowledge and ability to MANIFEST and live your life with radical self-love + the POWER to create food + body freedom! 

    The RADICAL SELF-LOVE program is for women who are READY and excited to heal + grow. Not just those who “say they want to do it” but then drop it when faced with hurdles. That’s why I have priced it at $1,500 USD/6 months for early bird — because I wanted to make it accessible (I get that not everyone can afford my $400 a session for my 1:1 private coaching). This is why the women that come into this group are taking advantage of the group and coaching sessions to create BREAKTHROUGHS. 

    I’ll be honest, I have had many clients in the past who have come to me saying they have tried everything and failed. When I ask them what they have tried many say it’s an online program usually in the $20/month range and they say they NEVER USE THEM. 
    This is because there is not a big enough investment to BUY INTO IT psychologically or emotionally. This program is priced at a point that you will take it seriously and create HUGE value to your life and ability to create deep healing.

    What Will Go Down Over The Next 6 Months…

    • This group coaching program is six months long. You will partake in one 90 minute call every other week and they will be recorded in the event that you can't make the call so you can listen and watch back at your leisure.. Each group coaching session will be on Wednesdays at 7pm for approximately 90 minutes. There will be 12 sessions in total. 
    • On top of the group coaching calls, you will receive one 45 minute private breakthrough coaching call during the six months where we will DIVE DEEP into what your wants and goals are for the group program. We will find a time that works for both of our schedules once the course gets started. 
    • All calls will be video conference calls that you can access through your computer or phone and you will receive a link to the call at least 24 hours prior to our group session. 
    • Each week we will be deep diving into a different topic surrounding radical self-love and how you can find that through creating empowerment around your food choices. You will sign in through a video chat platform that will allow you to not only see and hear me but have the chance to interact with me and the group. This isn't simply sitting and listening to a lecture, you will have the opportunity to share as well as hear from others in the group and connect with people in similar situations who can offer you support. 
    • Each week you will be given assignments and practices to make your journey actionable, so you can see and track your growth from week to week. 
    • When you purchase the course you will fill out a basic questionnaire to help me get a better understanding of your intentions and goals for the course. 
    • Following each group coaching call you will receive another email with your follow-up assignment. The assignments will further to help you create powerful shifts in your life and to develop a healthy eating practice. 
    • Each woman who participates in the curriculum will gain access to a private Facebook group. This group serves as a sacred space to request coaching or support from myself and your community in-between calls, where you can share your wins, share inspiration and submit your radical self-love assignments. I encourage you to reach out to others in the group for additional support and to help with accountability. We are all in this together and it is my highest intention to help you transform your life in the ways that you see fit. 
    • All coaching groups are limited to 15 women. This keeps things intimate and allows me the direct connection with you so you are fully supported along your journey of inner awareness, confidence, empowerment through positive food choices, self-expression, and love.

    I N V E S T M E N T

    6 Month Investment:

    $1,500 For Early Bird ($1,800) 

    Daily Investment: 

    That’s ONLY $8.33 a DAY!

    Weekly Investment: 


    THINK ABOUT IT…  (coffee… snacks… alcohol… eating out…)

    (equals out to one dinner out for two with one drink each)

    You can INVEST that $$$ into your highest healing, greatest potential and deepening of the most important relationship you’ll ever have: with YOURSELF! 

    (30-day Guarantee or your MONEY back)! 

    Coaching Agreements:

    1. You agree above all else to be coachable and to actively participate in the program.

    Your willingness to show up with an open heart, receptive and take on the coaching is essential to producing your intended results. It all starts with you.

    2. Leaving you feeling empowered and able to fully express your self-love is my commitment to you.

    In our sessions I will create the conditions for you to leave feeling understood, supported, accepted, inspired and hopeful. My intention is through working together you uncover your true capabilities to develop a healthy and positive connection with the foods you eat and the way in which you see yourself. Also I will work with you to feel confident in your ability to stay true to what you want, honor your needs, be willing to be bold and go after any dream or possibility that your heart desires, you learn on a deep level that all things are figure-out-able and that change is possible through consistent effort.



    3. I always have your best interests at heart.

    This program is about transformation, it's not about feeling sorry for yourself. While transformation is exciting, it can also be difficult at times, you may find yourself pushing out of your comfort zone and trying on things that aren't normal to you, but know that I always have your best interest at heart and that I am WITH YOU every step of the way because I am COMMITTED to this path and have been where you are and have a deep seeded empathy for you. 

    4. You can count on me:

    To show up as myself and to be there 100% for you.

    To start and end our class in integrity, sticking to our classroom time and staying in direct communication if anything changes. 

    Be open and vulnerable in my own sharing as well as transparent and honest. 

    To create an environment where you feel comfortable, safe, respected and cared for. 

    To only take you to places, and use techniques that I have personally used myself and seen to be extremely effective. 

    To use my professional skillset to show up in a space that best serves your highest needs, whether that be gentle and nurturing at times, or firm and loving at others. 

    To offer additional support for you in between our group coaching calls in the form of email support and our Facebook group. 

    To look past your stories and BS and help you get to the heart of what is really going on so you can stop feeling small. 

    To be there for you and make a stand for your transformation 100%, to relate to you not as the past wants you to be, but as who you are creating for yourself in this very moment. 

    To continue to grow in my own space, learning from the group, being open to meet the needs of our group as a whole, to see us all as one big community and to see us all as one. I am here to see everyone transform, not just some of the participants, that is my duty to you as a collective community. 

    5. You can’t count on me:

    To accept excuses and stories about why you can't do something.

    To do the work for you or give you the answers that YOU are meant to uncover.

    To entertain any version of playing the victim or negative self-talk that may arise.

    6. Payment

    Payment is to be made in full and at a discount if made before April 21st. If you have any additional questions or need to go on a payment plan you can email me at jaquy@jaquy.com to discuss possible options. 

    7. Participation Expectations, Missed Sessions and Removal/Termination Policy.

    To maintain cohesiveness in the small coaching groups your presence truly matters. I understand life happens and six months is a long stretch of time, as such, each woman is permitted to miss up to 3 coaching calls in the span of the 24 weeks of your course. If you miss more than 3 sessions you will be removed from the program and the group without a refund.

    If you do need to miss a session, an email or phone communication is required 24 hours in advance. 

    To ensure you receive the greatest benefit from the course and the group of women you are on this journey with full participation is encouraged. This looks like completing your work before each session and participating with an open heart. As you bring your willingness and vulnerability to your group and explore the areas of your life in which the modules lessons are relevant, you give the other women in the group full permission to show up 100%, bare their hearts and speak their truth. How you show up, impacts and influences the entire groups success- you are that powerful.

    8. My Toolkit

    I am a certified Holistic Health + Life Coach as well as Integrative Nutritionist with a degree from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. I studied Plant-based nutrition and wellness at Cornell, trained in psycho-spiritual healing methodologies, Reiki, Shamanism, and energy and mindfulness training at the mystery schools. I am also a trained Chef from Le Cordon Blu. I healed my own twenty year battle with an eating disorder and overcame cervical cancer and body image issues. I created a practice called EVCCO to help people empower themselves and heal through food. 

    All of my training provides me with an extensive depth of tools and experience as to what is needed to assist you in having the BREAKTHROUGHS you are COMMITTED to. 

    Contact me at jaquy@jaquy.com if you have any questions