Health, food, lifestyle and empowerment coaching for those with food allergies, eating disorders, or specific health and wellness goals, helping you to create a custom plan to live life freely and confidently. Contact for a free consultation today. 

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Holistic recipe development, recipe testing, and menu development for restaurants, caterers, and food brands.

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Speaking engagements at corporate events, expos, retreats, and more, sharing my transformative information on living an optimal, holistic life and inspiring audiences with stories of how I overcame my personal battles with food, depression and addiction to create a life of health and happiness.

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Workshops & Retreats

Workshops and retreats that empower and educate participants about the health benefits of real foods and living a powerful life while creating daily practices for transformative growth.

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                         "  Jaquy is one of the most kind hearted and powerful healers of our time. She will get you to where you need to go and beyond." - Nikki Kurt

                        "Jaquy is one of the most kind hearted and powerful healers of our time. She will get you to where you need to go and beyond." - Nikki Kurt


I will work with you to get a clear sense of your dreams and to build a personalized program that will radically improve your health, happiness and personal power. Through our sessions I will help you clarify and prioritize your wellness and life goals goals into actionable steps, track your progress, and overcome personal barriers and triggers that are keeping you from feeling radiant and inspired in your life. As your coach, I’m your accountability partner, I am here to help you through your transformation at every step.. Together we will help you discover and implement the tools you need for a lifetime of balance, radiant health and self love. 

As your coach, I’ll work with you to:

  • Define and prioritize your wellness intentions and goals
  • Identify and map immediate and long-term wellness optimizations
  • Understand your body’s wants and needs
  • Tap into your personal power and confidence
  • Develop and sustain a positive mindset
  • Modify your diet and routine with new recipes and self-care practices
  • Overcome and turnaround health and life challenges and barriers
  • Quantify and qualify your daily living through food journaling and emotion tracking
  • Upgrade your knowledge of whole & real foods, detoxification, digestion, metabolism and mind-body health
  • Get back in touch with who you are, at your authentic core


  • Want to wake up feeling energized, light, and full of joy
  • Are keen to create shifts in your life to support you in healing and happiness
  • Excited and ready to embrace self love, the healthy world and community around you
  • Feel ready to elevate and step into your power
  • Wish to begin and end each day feeling grateful, content, and healthy
  • Seek to live this life knowing you’ve made a difference
  • Are self-aware, curious, ambitious and motivated
  • Love to learn and hack life


This package is perfect for anyone dealing with long term digestive issues, food sensitivities and overall life balance. This is your opportunity to make real, life-lasting changes to your health through a customized road map which will support your goals and desired lifestyle. Your program will be developed based on your health history, discovery session revelations, lifestyle, desires and specific goals. Over the course of six months, you will gain a clarity of your core desires and what your body actually needs to attain and sustain optimal well being and beautiful living! I will arm you with practical and accessible tools to support you in  your journey, and I will be there alongside you every step of the way. 

  • Sessions include

    • 12 biweekly 55-minute power sessions
    • 10 biweekly 15-minute follow up calls
    • Email check ups and extra support
    • Complimentary 3 day Delicious Real Food Detox. Using guided mind, body, spirit approach for understanding mindful eating and 360 holistic approach to conscious living
    • 3 Hour Trauma Energy Release Session to remove deep rooted blocks. 
  • Email support
  • Free or discounted entry to any special events, workshops or lectures Jaquy hosts during your program

*Sessions are conducted on a biweekly basis either in-person, video chat or phone

**Please allow up to 48 hours for response to emails sent Monday-Friday, and 48 hours from the following business day for response to emails sent on weekends and holidays. Email me for your free consultation today:


    Refocus, reassess, and reenergize your efforts towards living more beautifully

    This 90-minute intensive session will help you refocus on your journey. Refocusing will most benefit past clients who have completed the Total Tune Up program is for someone who isn't able to commit to a longer program at this time but wants to take some action now. We will look at the progress you've made thus far, reassess your goals and regain clarity of what is preventing change, all while building strategies to bust through your blocks. This is a great resource for anyone feeling "stuck" or simply in need of a solid session to reenergize and refocus.

    Upcoming Events and Workshops

    DOING LIVING, NYC - MARCH 24, 2017. Contact for more information


    2.18.17 Maha Rose in Brooklyn, NY

    Conscious Consumption, an Eating Practices for Soul Nourishment & Body Healing


    Do you struggle to feel confident in your own skin? Are constantly dieting and want to ditch those extra pounds? In attending this eatshop you will walk away with tangible tools so you can feel empowered and gain a new perspective on how to self heal through food. You will learn how to create a sacred practice on how to consume consciously, allowing you to eat every meal with joy, love and presence. Are you ready to eat the food you love without fear, feel radiant in your body and confident in your own skin?

    This class is perfect for anyone who may:

    - Dread the word healthy

    - Struggle with knowing what to eat and how and when to eat

    - Hate having to fulfill their New Year Resolution

    - Want to know how to tune into their personal intuition

    - Want to create a sacred ritual of eating for self care

    - Want to lose weight without deprivation, dieting or diet pills

    - Understand nourishment on a mind, body and soul level

    Through this incredible journey you will be reminded of your primal gifts to be able to tune in to your bodies true needs and abilities to self heal from emotional distress, mindless and stress eating, damage done from autoimmune disease and what having this presence in nourishment will do to positively impact all other areas of your life. How you eat one thing is how you consume all things; relationships, job, your self image, its all tied together and this eatshop will help you find harmony and balance in your body and mind.

    Please bring:

    -  A journal

    - Open mind + heart

    -  A sacred object that holds meaning to you

    - One food that you love but feel guilty eating


    $35 Pre-Register | $40 Day of


    Sign Up Online

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